Anyone else pay $170 and become an Ambassador?

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User Info: mgc88

5 years ago#1
Walmart dropped the price days ago.

User Info: JackofSpades209

5 years ago#2
I did
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User Info: tfalco

5 years ago#3
Yes. I purchased another ds and just logged on the eshop today.... it really not for me though but for my nephew.
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User Info: nintendogger

5 years ago#4
Lot's of us.
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User Info: GodsWarrior64

5 years ago#5
mine was $183.43...
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User Info: joelang12

5 years ago#6
yup i did.
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User Info: Im_Hella_Tight

5 years ago#7
Hell yes, I even drove 45 minutes to the next Wal mart when the one in my town was sold out.
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User Info: Cromotheus

5 years ago#8
just did this tonight. I bought zero games.... aaand back to my DSi for some more (non-blurry) Pogeyman White. Is it bad that all they had to do was mention the words "free" and "Metroid Fusion" to make me buy one?

I may buy OOT but I also have like 7 copies of that game already and the 3d hurts my eyes.
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User Info: Sir_Haxor

5 years ago#9
I bought 2 at Target tonight after Walmart was sold out and BestBuy wouldn't drop the price. Took about 2 hours to find them.
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User Info: Absolutezero93

5 years ago#10
I got the last one at target today. My sister works there so I only payed $166.
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  3. Anyone else pay $170 and become an Ambassador?

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