Next vc title i should get, help from those into the vc/with the games..

#1QuinnandGoblinPosted 8/11/2011 8:43:33 PM
Hey, i have 3 Virtual Console/3dsware titles atm, which are:

Lets Golf 3d
Donkey Kong (gb)
Legend of Zelda Links Awakening (gbc)

Now, have enough left on my account for now to get one of these.

Kirbys Dreamland
Super Mario Land
Avenging Spirit
Fortified Zone
Double Dragon

What would you guys/girls recommend out of those titles? Any mini reviews, hands on would be great, as the reviews for VC online by websites is pretty average overall.

#2MrAwesome312Posted 8/11/2011 9:21:59 PM
I have kirbys dream land and its really fun. Its kinda short though. I don't own super mario land although mario games do tend to be fun. Either of these and you should be fine. :)
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