So did I not get Ambassador?

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5 years ago#1
I've had my 3DS since launch and connected to the eShop several times before, but I never got any notifications that I'm an Ambassador.

I thought all you had to was just connect to the eShop before a certain time. Did I do something wrong?
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5 years ago#2
On the E-Shop in the New's section there was a letter that near the top would say something like "You are an ambassador" (Not the correct wording, but something like that).

I had it before, though i just checked the E-Shop and i guess they took it down for everyone.

Either way, if you downloaded something it would be under your Account Activity, and you could show that to Nintendo IF something did go wrong. (Which i seriously doubt would)
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5 years ago#3
According to Nintendo's site, later next week, there will be information on how to check to see if you did become an ambassador.
5 years ago#4
Did you check your spotpass?
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