it seems like we are not the only ones wanting Nintendo to modernize a bit

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release classic games, just like ps suite
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Wow, not only did you not search for this topic, you also spammed it on both boards?
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SSJ4CHRIS posted...
That is the easiest way to kill Nintendo or any publicly traded company. Investors have the money, plain and simple. Nintendo love won't pay the bills, or development costs for games. Investors money does. If they feel they aren't being listened to on something they feel is a solid move, they take their money somewhere else. Investors want to make money from Nintendo just as much as Nintendo wants to make money from you.

It's amazing that Nintendo diehards claim to love the company so much, but want Nintendo to kill themselves by "not listening" to the people whose money keep the company going when games don't sell enough to make a profit.

This is a completely different situation from 1985. Hell it's completely different from 2005. Learn how business works before you get on a message board saying what they should or shouldn't do, even though your opinions don't actually matter to Nintendo at all.

These investors suggest going on the iOS so that they can sell their shares back at a high price. They want short-term rewards. Nintendo would lose money from lost potential hardware sales if they went on the iOS, so in the long term they would lose out. We don't want Nintendo to lose money, so in this case, we don't want them to listen to these particular investors.

EDIT: In fact, Fishbulb explained it in a more concise/coherant way than I did. Just read his post.
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