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User Info: ShinyMasamune

5 years ago#1
I'll be trading in my DSLite today for a cheap 3DS at Gamestop and I'm wondering what I should pick up for my first game.

My thoughts on the issue:
Pilotwings Resort -- loved Pilotwings and Pilotwings 64 growing up; I'm pretty stoked they rebooted the franchise.

Street Fighter 4 -- This seems to be probably the best game on the system right now and I've heard it plays solid. Any input on how the online is?

Ocarina of Time -- I love this game and it'd be cool to play it remastered -- but I already own it in three different formats already. I'll probably pass unless there's new content or something.

Resident Evil: Mercs -- Loved this mode in both RE4 and RE5. Is it worth it to get a whole new game based off that minigame?

I'm also looking forward to Star Fox 64, Paper Mario, Super Mario 3DS and others -- but they are far off in the future.

Any other recommendations? I generally like adventure/platformers, puzzle games and RPGs.
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User Info: MicroOmegaMan

5 years ago#2
Nothing 3DS only for me to recommend in those genre's. You'll probably be very happy with PilotWings Resort, though I really don't recall any positive or negative talk from previous PilotWings fans.....
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User Info: hydradragon

5 years ago#3
Nothing really.
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User Info: strongo9

5 years ago#4
Are any the three different versions of Ocarina of Time the Master Quest version? If you haven't played that before I would say OoT 3D is worth picking up again. Maybe wait until it's cheaper.
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User Info: Zanimar

5 years ago#5
I'd say Zelda, but only because that's gonna be my first one as well when I get my 3DS in a couple weeks. I know there is a Bust-a-Move game on the 3DS if you like that type of puzzle game. Other than that, I don't really know, just look up videos and grab the games that look really fun to you. ^_^
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User Info: Spiffy247

5 years ago#6
I suggest you look op Samurai Warriors Chronicles on youtube and see if you'd like it.
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