Nintendo 3DS is going to fail? What?

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I'll pretty much judge it within a year, but my definition of fail is lack of original games/good games I mean sure Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Starfox 64 are great games but I kinda wanted a little different like a whole new good game that I wont beat until 60 hours atleast, how I miss those games. Also good games like good quality I mean I'm paying stupid 40 bucks for a game I want extravagant game, and Bust-A-Move universe was not it. If the system comes out as very few and far between good games like if I cant think of anything for christmas or birthday besides a Nintendo card or an old DS game I'm missing I would call it a fail.
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trenken posted...
You are really trying hard with these reassurance posts. You think anyone that didnt buy the 3DS 4 months ago is all upset about that lost time? They are saving money, and the sales are going to die in 2 weeks again anyway. Not sure what you're trying to prove here.

What are you trying to prove? He's happy with his early $250 purchase of the 3DS. Stop trolling.
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AchievmentFreak posted...
Scorpion122178 posted...
Man your some sort of fan all right if I bought my 3DS at launch and not even half a year later they cut the price by $80 bucks I'd be pissed as hell lolz, but hey now that they wised up and slashed the price plunty of joe's like me can pick it up now.

What I say is look, I am getting 20 free games. How awesome is that? Also, for the scambassadors getting their 3DS and the 20 free games, I can also say that I had a great time playing the 3DS 4 months earlier than anyone else. If I didn't buy the game early I wouldn't have had those great matches I played on DOA:D. I wouldn't have enjoyed the games like LoZ:OoT or SamWar:C or Res:Mercs. I have enjoyed them all and I have no regrets buying the 3DS early. Also not to mention, all the people I impressed with it!

ITP: we new purchasers cannot enjoy those games whilst saving 80 bucks, newsflash, you woulda had those great matches on DOA:D, it just woulda been 4 months later
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TC how bout they ones that got it on launch? They won right ?

Nintendo fan : Of course they won the 3DS is amazing.

Me: Rightttttttttt.
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Anyone that compares the virtual boy to the 3DS is lacking in the critical thinking area.
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I'm saying either though the price drop happened, I am still happy I bought it early. I am also happy that many more are buying the 3DS now.
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I owned a Virtualboy. I couldn't play it more than 20 minutes without my head hurting. After playing the 3DS for 45 minutes, it never happened again with the 3DS.
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