Any word on when we can download the free games?

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The PC boards are NOT like this. I'll be over there with the more mature members of the site. Peace.

haha we're immature? you can't read or type anything into google!

What does that have to do with maturity?

well typing something into google is something a teenager can do but a baby (immature) can't do..a 6 year old can read but a baby (immature) cannot you see what i did there
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I was getting ready to write an angry response until I realixed who wrote it. :D
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Lol @ this board. This why I stopped frequenting Nintendo board on GameFAQs. You guys should be ashamed of your behavior.

Lol, this is how every board on the site is. Don't even try to act like Nintendo boards are the only ones with this problem.

They all have problems, but Nintendo boards are most definitely the worst.

Someone's never been to any of the microsoft boards

Seriously, the only safe boards are DeathSmiles (dead) and Viva Pinata (also somewhat dead)

Halo Reach was awful back in it's heyday


I spend more time on the Microsoft boards than any of the other boards. They all have problems, Nintendo ones are just the most annoying ones.