First thing I heard when I got my 3ds today....

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5 years ago#1
Was in order of saying:

1) "I thought only little kids played with "these" things. (She didn't even bother call it a 3ds and for the record I'm 19, I know I'm not completely a grown up but yeah..) - Family friend

2) What a waste of money that is, should have gotten clothes or something else.- Girlfriend's mom

3) Your ridiculous for buying it today, and going on gamefaqs to post about it - My girlfriend had good reasons for this...

T_T....... I was so happy up until those three sayings.
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5 years ago#2
You're not really a grown-up until you're like 24, out of university, and with a job. Relax. :|
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5 years ago#3
What about you???
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5 years ago#4
Why DID you get the 3DS today?

You could've gotten it yesterday to get the benefits of 20 free VC games. Now that you have it, it's going to collect dust until games that actually interest you come out.
5 years ago#5
Well I have a job, and I will be attending school next week for my 3rd semester, and I know it just bothers me when people say videogames are only for kids >: I
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5 years ago#6
*Standard internet skepticism about existence of girlfriend*
5 years ago#7
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5 years ago#8

Well, you are right about the 20 free games but, there is already titles that interest me (Oot which I bought with the 3ds, RE:Mercs, Devil Survivor Overlocked which is due at the end of the month, that's just to mention a few, I still want DQMJ2 for DS as well as Solatorobo.)
So it won't be collecting dust :)
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5 years ago#9
Wow, what jerks.

No, I'm serious, why would people who are related to you look down on your purchases? Would they start beating you up if you bought pornographic magazines in front of them?

Slap them all across the face and then lock yourself in a dark room with your 3DS and be happy for all eternity. That's what I did, at least.
5 years ago#10

My girlfriend is sitting next to me as I type :P
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