I want a Touhou game for the 3DS D:<

#21AkaneJonesPosted 8/12/2011 10:55:06 PM
Well at leased 3DS get a 3D version of Twinbee first. Cute blue and pink robots always come first right? Maybe then they could move up to Kiki Kai Kai(Pocky & Rocky), so they could get to Cotton, if Success stopped making odd Mysterious Dungeon games(LOL Izuna). Then maybe you could get some Touhou action on.

Come to think of it why isn't Cotton on virtual console? That game was at least released in English unlike the first Twinbee and Kiki Kai Kai, which are both on JPs VC Mind you they never moved up to Pop'n Twinbee or Pocky & Rocky.