After playing Let's Golf 3D...

#1r_m_8_8Posted 8/12/2011 10:25:54 PM
I'm even more willing to buy mostly VC games. It's not awful, but it lacks so much polish that all the ancient GB games I've bought don't. The level of control you have can't compare to that on Mario Golf or Hot Shots Golf, the camera doesn't stand a chance against those series. The characters are ugly and annoying, and you have to unlock everything, so it sucks when you don't like the default starting choices.

I don't hate it, and I guess it's okay for its price. But Avenging Spirit is $3, and even if it's shorter and obviously technically less impressive looking, I feel like it's the better game. Same with Kirby's Dream Land, Super Mario Land and especially Donkey Kong.

Again, it's not awful, but you people mentioning Mario Golf and Hot Shots Golf while describing it... no. It's conceptually similar, yes, but the execution really falls short. I honestly don't recommend it.

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I would give it a little higher based on it being a cheap title myself. But I also can't fathom how IGN gave it a 9. It's okay for the price point and feels like a rough version of the titles you mentioned.

That's the problem with rating these games though. If this was a retail game at $40 I would slam it as a cheap knock off. But at $7, and it filling a niche that is nice to have right now on the system, it bumps it up a bit IMHO. I would personally go 7.5. Recommended if you really want a game like Hot Shots or Mario Golf, but keep in mind you are getting what you paid for...

Basically okay, and I am getting my moneys worth from it, but if a polished Mario Golf hit the system there would be no reason to recommend or touch it again.

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My issue with "it's okay for its price" is that I've bought 4 GB games that are cheaper and better. When I bought those GB games I wasn't looking for a watered-down fix of better games that I'd get later, all of them are genuinely good on their own even if one of them is one year younger than me.

And then, if Nintendo puts not a new Mario Golf, but even the GBC or GBA (Ambassador?) versions of Mario Golf, then yikes.

But once again, it's not awful and I'll give it a chance. I'm just way too picky when it comes to these games because I really love Mario Golf, and Hot Shots Golf already sold me a Vita.
Play games, not systems. There are people who like games that you don't, grow up.