Super Mario and Mario Kart couldn't save the Gamecube, so why....

#31toma13Posted 8/13/2011 12:00:26 PM
Super Mario Sunshine and Mario Kart DD are sort of the "black sheep" of their franchises. That's not saying anything against their quality or anything, but as far as game play goes they are obviously much different than the rest of the series. Compare Sunshine with Galaxy and Mario 64. It's definitely the oddball of the bunch. Same goes with Double Dash when compared against the other Mario Karts. Mario Kart DS and Super Mario Galaxy were able to rejuvenate their series after taking an odd side-step in the Gamecube years. They were more familiar, less complicated, and sold better. Time will tell if the 3DS games will take the same approach and meet with the same success, but I can see MK7 being a system seller for sure.
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