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5 years ago#31

From: Spiffy247 | Posted: 8/13/2011 12:53:41 PM
I think:


Also, you meant agree/disagree. People need to learn to do their uninspired meme topic correctly. >_<
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5 years ago#32
Red > All

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5 years ago#33
pichufan2000 posted...


^ this ^
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5 years ago#34
I'm not colour-blind. Blue and red aren't the same to me.
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5 years ago#35
just give me a transparent 3DS, like the GBC / GBA
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5 years ago#36
That blue color is very girly to me. It's a toss up between red and black.

Red=Black>>>>>>>>>>>>>Girly Blue

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5 years ago#37
I expected Pokemon.
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5 years ago#38
5 years ago#39

Red>Black>every single other color> Aqua blue
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