What happened to Super Mario 64 3D?

#1LurtzOfIsengardPosted 8/13/2011 11:35:51 AM
I never heard of it, but I just registered my 3DS on Club Nintendo and it asked me what games I was looking forward to buying and Super Mario 64 3D was on the list.
The game is not on this site, g4tv or Nintendo.
What is known about the game?
Still being made or canned?
Want to know cause I was literally about to open my Super Mario 64 for the DS.
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I don't remember there ever being a Super Mario 64 3D. That would mean there would be a remake on top of the ds one.
3DS owner waiting for Super Mario 3D Land
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Uh that never existed. You probably saw "Super Mario 3D" without the 64. That game has since been renamed to "Super Mario 3D Land". It's not a remake and is an entirely new 3D Mario game for the 3DS.
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There are two games

Super Mario 64 DS (for the DS)
Super Mario 3D Land (for the 3DS)

Either you read it wrong or they made a mistake
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it was them, not me, wish i had taken a picture.
It is rumored if you search it, but not on any real gaming sites. So probably a typo that someone took too seriously
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I hope they don't waste their time with it. Enough remakes as it is.