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5 years ago#21
Had an excellent online multiplayer but a pathetic single player. It could do with a sequel.

Hunters onine was good for it's time sure and the best on DS but it was hardly excellent. And yeah SP was terrible. Shame really because if the SP was good the game would have done much better.

I think a Prime spin off game with Hunters multiplayer would work the best. If they can't make a good 3D prime single player then make a 2D Metroid game ith 3D hunters MP.
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5 years ago#22
I'm a huge fan so I say yes.
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5 years ago#23
I just want a metroid game thats not FPS...

What was wrong with the side scrolling, isolation, powerup finding, alien killing metroid that we all know and love?

I dont want more human characters....
I dont want space pirate all throughout it...

I want creatures... crazy looking creatures.

And I want to be alone while doing it.

Whats wrong with that?
5 years ago#24
I've liked all the Metroid games, I didn't even mind Other M. But they definately need to change it up a bit in terms of the basic formula. As it stands, you always have a certain area you should be focusing on, you mess around in that area for a while, find a new weapon, then use it to open new doors and beat the area boss. You then move on to the next area and repeat.

I think the next 2D Metroid game needs a bit more Castlevania mixed in. Add some more abilities, make it much more non-linear, and add some side quests and things that give the game a little more replay value.
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