Could The Cost of 3DS Be Under $100

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5 years ago#1
I traded my DSL and paid $100 for a 3DS this weekend. While I've been searching for all of the functions of a 3DS, a thought came into my mind.

Could it be possible that a cost of a 3DS be under $100? Since both Target and Gamestop are doing the trade in for $100 deal. It could very well be that that's their break even price?

I understand the logic behind companies who are willing to sell a system at a loss for the future gain, but I'm not quite sold on retailers like Target and Gamestop will sell a brand new system at a loss.

Just a thought!
5 years ago#2
No, not even close. Retailers make very little profit on hardware, that's why they're so interested in selling you software.
shoot the core.
5 years ago#3
5 years ago#4
When I bought mine on the 9th at Walmart I had to fight them to let me walk out without games and accessories. Thats where the money is at.
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