Sign here if you love the 3DS!!

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5 years ago#1
Exchanged 3ds new friend code is: 0259-0338-8198 PM me when you add me then ill add you.
5 years ago#2
Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.- Plato
5 years ago#3
5 years ago#4
*signs everyone*

Wait I got it! Super Mario 3D Land will be in California and Super Mario 3D World will be in Florida. Zing! ~AloofGuyXXVII
5 years ago#5
*Half signs*
Needs better games but I still like mine.
5 years ago#6
What I can't get over is how she ripped one testicle off..~Frogstir
I can't read your topics without expecting Bel Air now.~KensaiBlade
5 years ago#7

I'm waiting for an XL.
Go to and post this to your sig if you want Majora's Mask 3D.
5 years ago#8
I love -my- 3DS, at least.

shinigami820 posted...
I'm waiting for an XL.

Uh oh. Well, I hope you have something to pass the time.
If the game gets a bad score, bash the game; if the game gets a good score, bash the reviewer. - stanthelovebot
Buy these: Klonoa (Wii), Fragile Dreams,
5 years ago#9

Just what exactly is a Tweedle anyway???
3DS Friend code: 2793-0640-8965
5 years ago#10
*goes to sign and see fallenKING has already signed for me*

Son of a .......
Occupation- Bassist and Student
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