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5 years ago#1
Just wondering for those of you that care about StreetPass:

When you turn it on or use it, at the end of the day how many new people do you have added?
Where do you go to add people?

I've had my DS for a few days and I only have 1 new person in my StreetPass. It has been on and I've carried my DS with me to a mall, a strip mall with GameStop and other stores, as well as walking downtown. Seems that people turn this feature off or just don't bring their DS everywhere, or don't have one.
5 years ago#2
I don't get any when i go to my mall. Where do you live?
Satoshi's the name, trainings the game
5 years ago#3
Moncton, New Brunswick.

I've been trying to complete the puzzles but I had to buy most of the pieces with coins. And that quest game I couldn't get by the first stage. Ghost ran away before the only person I have added could kill it. :/
5 years ago#4
I work in a book store at a mall, which is right next to Gamestop. I have my XL with extra battery pack on all day every day I work there. Some days I get nada, other days I've gotten lots.

PS no I wouldn't change my job to Gamestop. It's just nasty to offer only $25 cash for an used DSi or just a few dollars for a game that's been out only a month. I liked old Funcoland when they paid a lot more for used game and system.
5 years ago#5
I haven't gotten any connections yet and I've been carrying it everywhere :(
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5 years ago#6
If any from utah, we should meet and tag.
Satoshi's the name, trainings the game
5 years ago#7
They're pretty rare, TC. I have only 5 other Miis in my plaza, yet I've had the 3DS since June. I live in Los Angeles and take the metro train nearly everyday.

What I do is every time I get a tag, I will hire 9 other heros in the quest. I feel it's a good ratio. It's earned me Link and Mario's hats.
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5 years ago#8
Any idea how long you have to be around the other person, or how close?
I'm convinced that not many people have it activated. They probably didn't even open the program since having their DS because they immediately jumped into cartridges.
5 years ago#9
i get two or three most times that i fly through jfk or ord.

Also being on a college campus I know of two others on campus, and we think itll go up a lot once the undergrads get back next week too.
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