About the pokedex...

#1nintendoggerPosted 8/15/2011 11:24:28 AM
Basically I just have it. O.o I don't know what there is to do or play or trade or whatever. What's the point? Just have it sit there and over time collect em all?
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#2j0nb0y22Posted 8/15/2011 11:25:22 AM(edited)
The PokÚdex was created by Professor Oak as an invaluable tool to a Trainer in the PokÚmon world. It gives information about all PokÚmon in the world that are contained in its database, although it differs in how it acquires and presents information over the different medias. However, they are also only given to a few Trainers at a time, generally to the ones that are felt to have exceptional potential and skill. There are different types of PokÚdexes and each PokÚdex is special to a specific region.
#3GodsWarrior64Posted 8/15/2011 11:33:12 AM
you can aslo view the models in the AR viewer in the pokedex.

that website has all the markers for every pokemon so far so just go over them like you would with the AR cards and if you have the pokemon it should pop out.
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#4CorruptedRPGPosted 8/15/2011 11:42:01 AM
Viewing all 164 available Pokemon is the point Scambassador.
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CorruptedRPG posted...
Viewing all 164 available Pokemon is the point Scambassador.

Pretty sure Nintendogger had a 3DS since close to it's launch date...

but I could be wrong
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