Would you rather have...

#21Lord_VishanaPosted 8/15/2011 2:30:25 PM
D. Pokemon sucks...

Put Lufia 2 on the e-shop
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#22niels200683Posted 8/15/2011 2:33:49 PM
Sorry, have to run with this some more:


Screw Pokémon 3D.

All your life you have dreamed to become a pokémon... daycare man.
You finally have your wish, a daycare of your own.

Every day, you stare into the sunset - wondering when a trainer will leave his pokémon with you.

None ever do. No-one entrusts their loved pokémon to you.

One day, some cocky trainer, wearing a baseball cap and staring at his pokédex walks by.
Since he already has 550 different kinds, he actually leaves his beatifull pokémon with you.

You take them into your tiny shed, cradling them - petting them slowly, making sure they are comfortable...

3 days later, the trainer comes back.

My pokémon, please.

Uh... okay...
I found this egg by your pokémon, by the way...

I don't know how it got there!
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