So when do you think Nintendo will reveal the whole list of Ambassador games?

#1SakurafanboyPosted 8/16/2011 6:52:25 AM
I'm hoping within the week.
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#2MagoziPosted 8/16/2011 6:56:01 AM
Maybe they'll wait until September 1st to reveal the entire list of NES games, with an announcement that they've partnered with LJN to bring five of their classics, like The Uncanny X-men and Back to the Future!
#3ludeboiPosted 8/16/2011 9:04:47 AM
Why is it when I think of ljn. I think of poor games that I hated as a kid, I think we tried to avoid renting them as well.
I know they had jaws which was pretty bad and the aboved mentioned back to future wasn't much fun, if I recall everything killed you.
#4EoinPosted 8/16/2011 9:21:27 AM
I'm not so sure they will "reveal" them in any way other than releasing them. I'm also not sure whether I'd prefer them to be revealed beforehand or kept as a surprise until they appear on the eShop.
#5jayman7Posted 8/16/2011 9:39:06 AM
Part of the reason LJN has this reputation is the Angry Video Game Nerd.

Here's the funny thing: LJN did not develop any games, ever. They were just a publisher. Most of the games they published simply didn't reveal their developers, or at least displayed LJN's logo more prominently.

Another funny thing: One of the developers that used LJN as a publisher? The one responsible for the bad Who Framed Roger Rabbit game that the AVGN reviewed? It was Rare. Yes, Donkey Kong Country Rare. Banjo-Kazooie Rare. They have been around longer than you think, they just weren't really known before DKC.
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#6mahgah91Posted 8/16/2011 10:03:14 AM
When they finalize a deal with Capcom and reveal that the other 5 NES games are Mega Man 1-5.
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#7keyblader1985Posted 8/16/2011 10:36:44 AM
When they finalize a deal with Capcom and reveal that the other 5 NES games are Mega Man 1-5.

That would require both Nintendo and Capcom to do something cool.
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#8NinjaGamer_23Posted 8/16/2011 10:59:31 AM
Rare also created Snake Rattle and Roll and Battletoads.
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