Think the 3DS's original price might have created a problem?

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ZanoPizza posted...
250 for the vita is a damn good deal.

While I agree, that doesn't mean it will sell well or be successful.
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xCha0s posted...
the DS launched the ugliest handheld brick ever made at 150 dollars with one of the worst games ever made (yoshi touch & go) and everyone thought it sucked, and psp would slaughter it, and it's the second best selling console of all time

Which goes to show games later on sold the DS while the PSP was lacking in that market for a while. Because that fat bricked kicked the PSP's ass and no one saw that one coming.
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Yeah, Vita won't sell well at the 250 price point, just like 3DS didn't sell well at the 250 price point. People will buy the Vita, just won't sell well.
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OmegaZero633 posted...
Core gamers/tech enthusiasts =/= general public. :/
Core games and tech enthusiasts are rapidly growing and a bigger segment of the market than ever. And whether or not they = the general public is an irrelevant and stupid proposition, because Nintendo consumers can similarly be =/= general public.
And that's not to mention others aspects which drive sales, like social influences, marketing, and purpose of the device.
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Basically, the PSP may of been the one who was physically stronger, but the DS bought guns faster and thus won even when the PSP got it's own, better guns, because the DS had even more not as good, but still great guns.

or so i think
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