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User Info: cycostik

5 years ago#1

Sorry if it's old...

- n-Space had the idea for Heroes of Ruin for about eight years
- SpotPass content for the game every day for a year after it launches
- daily and weekly content
- Gunslinger is a ranged character, that's an ex-criminal turned lone-wanderer who travels the land dispensing justice for money in order to pay his massive debt.
- Vindicator is a lion-like warrior that has had trouble in his past and travels to Nexus because he believes it is a way to reclaim his honor
- Alchatecht is the female character that has a rivalry with someone in the game and is on a quest to become the greatest spellcaster in the land
- Savage is a beast-like character who uses his fists to smash things
- characters and their weapons can be customized
- use the D-pad for various functions
- left and right directions are used for mana and health
- up and down directions let you sell or equip gear while on the battlefield
- the more you play with a certain character, the more your rank with them grows

User Info: stromvancouver

5 years ago#2
Nothing new here, but thank you for sharing.
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