Nintendo is great:)

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5 years ago#11
Posted this because Nintendo is getting all this **** from people. They clearly still care about people's appreciation. And what's with the hate? Nintendo agreed with me that it was a valid reason for replacement:)
5 years ago#12
ohh geez Blog Faqs <.<
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5 years ago#13
lol negative people
5 years ago#14
Why would they replace it for that reason? Won't a new 3DS inevitably get dust anyways?
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5 years ago#15
UNDER the screen? I hope not. Anyway, I think nintendo is doing great compared to Sony, they didn't want to replace my stupid psp with 5 DEAD PIXELS!
5 years ago#16
I think it's cool that the only Nintendo system out of the 9 I own I had a problem with got replaced, no problems.
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