Hopefully someonerb doesn't mind answering this but...

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L0L_FAQ posted...
Actually, his grammar wasn't too bad. He just got a fact wrong :D

To be fair, I dislike typing a lot on the 3DS and I wanted to cut corners.
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I use my the autocomplete feature provided by my 3DS. I don't even have to type the full word. Urban Chamber. Urban Champion. Ironing Champions. It's so easy a caveman could do it.
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Some people are actually offended by the term "Grammar Nazi" as they feel it trivializes the atrocities committed by actual Nazis.
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StarlightDrive posted...
BigDaddyWingnut posted...
It's Urban Champion, not Champs or Championship...

Thank you for reconfirming that for me, and for not realizing that I didn't care enough to type out the full title.

Not only was it the full title, but you went beyond it.
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