Did I make a mistake by using the 2gb sd card?

#11Nin3DSFanPosted 8/19/2011 7:40:34 PM
Put SD card into PC
Open up SD card from "My Computer".
Drag contents to some place on PC
Take out SD card
Put larger SD card in
Drag contents from that place you took from the other SD card onto the larger SD card


[Old SD] ---files--> [PC] ---files--> [New SD]

Yes, it's as simple as dragging files from an SD card to your computer, and then from there to the bigger SD card.
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Nin3DSFan posted...
You mean 2 GB isn't enough? >_>

3D pr0n takes space quick,i can confirm this.
therefore i approve of bigger SD cards
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You mean 2 GB isn't enough? >_>

No its not, especcially if you play the PSP and DL PSP games from PSN, those take a huge chunk out of memory cards. PSVita is gonna be worse with its games off PSN.

Eventually Nintendo will follow suit and games off ESHOP will take a huge chunk out of memory cards, its better to be safe than sorry. Also a demo service will be coming to ESHOP later this year and the demos will likely take a huge chunk off the SD cards. I am not talking about paid demos, I'm talking about free demo service that Nintendo is giving out later this year, it will be an ESHOP update.

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