What portable consoles have you owned

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5 years ago#1
Regardless of which company made them. Just want to know what people have played.

My List:

Game Boy Pocket (Red)
Game Boy Color (Green)
Game Boy Advance (Transparent)
Nintendo 3ds (Cosmo Black)

Nintendo ftw
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5 years ago#2
DS (All versions except XL)
PSP 1000
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5 years ago#3
Gameboy Color (Transparent Purple)
Gameboy Advance (White)
Gameboy SP (... I think it was cobalt)
Nintendo DS (Pink....)
Nintendo DS Lite (Black)
Psp 3000
Nintendo 3DS (Cosmo Black)
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5 years ago#4
GB Pocket- Blue
GB color- transparent purple
GB color- Pokemon yellow
GB Advance- glacier
GBA SP- orange Green
GB micro- Famicom
GB micro- FF4
DS phat- Blue
DS lite- Navy
DS lite- Crimson/Black
3DS- Cosmo Black
PSP- Blue
PSP 2000- Black
PSP 3000- Sparkly White

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5 years ago#5
Game Gear.
Virtual boy(It was portable, not exactly handheld though).
Ds Lite.
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5 years ago#6
Gameboy Color
Gameboy Advance
Gameboy Advance SP
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo 3DS
5 years ago#7
Use to have:

Game gear (black)

Currently have:

Gameboy Color (transparent purple)
Gameboy Advance (silver)
Gameboy Micro (black with silver faceplate)
NDS (Red Mario Kart Edition)
PSP 1000 (black)
DSi (black)
3DS (aqua blue)
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5 years ago#8
GB Pocket (mustard)
GBA (classic, purple)
DS (phat, blue)
DS (phat, white)
DS Lite (white)
3DS (aqua)

I'm really tempted to buy a PSP, but I'm going to get a Vita anyway, so I'm not sure. It has plenty of games I'd love to play by now.
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5 years ago#9
Game Boy Pocket (Yellow)
Game Boy Color (Yellow)
Game Boy Advance (Clear-ish)
Game Boy Advance SP (Silver)
DS (Grey)
DS Lite (White)
DSi (Black) - Still have it
3DS (Black) - Still have it
5 years ago#10
Gameboy Color (Purple)
Gamboy Advance (Glacier Blue)
Gameboy Advance SP (Blue)
Nintendo DS (Silver)
PSP 1000 (Black)
Nintendo DS Lite (White)
Nintendo DSi XL (Midnight Blue)
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