Is Mercenaries worth the $40?

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5 years ago#21
Ghetsis posted...
it applies to Mega Man, which had one game canceled not the whole franchise

Two. The last two games in the franchise to enter development have both been canceled...

And zero games in development anymore.
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5 years ago#22
I wouldn't really call it a minigame, seeing as it has about 30 different missions, online and local co-op, 8 characters, 16 if you count the alternate costumes that have their own stats, 9 loadouts and at least 30 or 40 skills. You can mix and match them all to create your own playstyle. Then you can mix and match duo mode setups as well, such as keeping Rebecca with her default loadout for healing plus boss destruction plus shield penetration alongside Krauser + HUNK loadout for boss damage with AK47, flashbangs for helmetless enemies and bosses.
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5 years ago#23
I bought it for $40 when it came out and although I regret not waiting for it to be cheaper, I've had a lot of fun with the game. If you liked playing the mercenaries modes in RE 4 & 5 then you'll like the game.
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5 years ago#24
Here is a good review of the game.
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5 years ago#25
Also, to the guy who said "it's too easy", you are a liar. Go and play EX missions again and get back to me.
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