BestBuys selling 7 3ds games for $20 next week

#1dynamykePosted 8/19/2011 6:56:46 PM
Best Buys is going to sell 7 games for only 20 bucks. They are:

Sims 3
Madden Football
Punch Time Explosion
Dead or Alive Dimensions
Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
Rabbids Travel Time 3D
Resident Evil the Mercenaries 3D

Whos going for this deal?
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#2queirotacobellPosted 8/19/2011 6:58:31 PM
im gonna return my resident evil from best buy and get my 20 dollars back
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#3trizznillaPosted 8/19/2011 6:59:02 PM

I may hafta take a chance on Punchtime, at that price. I wish Steel Diver and Pilotwings would drop, I can't justify $40 on those.
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#4WrenchNinjaPosted 8/19/2011 7:00:13 PM
$20 for Ghost Recon. Sounds about right. Everything else lol.
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#5dynamyke(Topic Creator)Posted 8/19/2011 7:04:26 PM
Forgot to post a link.
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#6nintendoggerPosted 8/19/2011 7:15:43 PM
If I enjoy MySims, would I like Sims 3?
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#7d0wnerPosted 8/19/2011 7:32:44 PM
WrenchNinja posted...
$20 for Ghost Recon. Sounds about right.

Shadow Wars is worth $40. Best game on the system next to Ocarina.

Mercenaries is tempting.
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#8jesse7150Posted 8/19/2011 7:34:37 PM
im almost tempted to buy mercenaries but it would mostly be for the demo unless mercenaries somehow captures my attention in a way the bonus mode never did.
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#9PinchekriaPosted 8/19/2011 7:35:01 PM
For a moment I thought I read it as all 7 games just for $20....
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#10shampoowarriorPosted 8/19/2011 7:38:12 PM
Pinchekria posted...
For a moment I thought I read it as all 7 games just for $20....

Me too.

Shock and awe.
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