Does the StreetPass bug still exist?

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User Info: scorejunkie

5 years ago#1
The one where if the battery completely drains you cannot tag any previous Miis again? I just got a 3DS last week and this is my first time hearing about this.

User Info: Toke4us

5 years ago#2
It's bull. Been there, done that, tagged them.
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User Info: thedicemaster

5 years ago#3
in normal use the battery can't drain that far.
you'd have to either leave your 3DS alone for a couple of years, or let it drain and then repeatedly try to turn it on.

User Info: Tempest_beta

5 years ago#4
Nope, the bug either never existed or was patched. A friend of mine removes his battery completely whenever Netflix freezes and we still tag. (I keep telling him to hold the power button, he says he does, I don't believe him.)

User Info: katysu

5 years ago#5
I have heard about this bug if you take your battery out (say to replace it with the Nyko) - don't really understand the technicalities, but the upshot is that players you have streetpassed with before, you won't be able to steetpass with again.
Its a problem if you regularly streetpass with other family members - the thread I saw most detail about it was on the nintendolife forum, way back:

The solution - you could prevent it happening if you were very fast in exchanging the batteries over, no more than 10 seconds.
Otherwise you had to system format - drastic, takes you back to as if console was new.

Has it been fixed? - I don't know, not seen anything about it recently and that original thread was started in April.

Does the 10 seconds leeway tie in with what Tempest_beta says?
I wouldn't be concerned about it, unless I was taking the battery out.
Well the bug happened to me when i changed the battery. I would only tag my freind once a week but right after changing the battery it wouldnt work. Funny thing tho is that the same day we went to a convention. i got like 20 tags that day and late that afternoon i got one from my freind again. Been working properly ever since.

So i can say that the bug is at least not perminent, but i have no clue what fixed it.
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User Info: Gavin_Rozee

5 years ago#7
The bug is still there. If you remove your battery you won't be able to StreetPass with previous Miis, but only for a while. I removed my battery, and then I was unable to StreetPass with my girlfriend for about three weeks until we just randomly StreetPassed again when we were out.
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