who else wants Paperboy?

#1cleanchrisPosted 8/21/2011 3:45:15 AM
ehhh? ehhhh???

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#2SoulEatingMonkyPosted 8/21/2011 3:59:54 AM
me too I remember playing that game so much when I was little good times.
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#3deadANDrottedPosted 8/21/2011 5:35:45 AM
That would be great! I always had fond memories of Paperboy. It was that 1 game my entire family would get together on holidays pop in and see who could get the farthest. My aunt was unstopable and still holds the crown of family Paperboy champ.

Now if I had it on my 3DS I could practice (I haven't played sense I was very young) and challenge her today. Then I can finally beat her.
#4MizuhoChamaPosted 8/21/2011 6:21:25 AM
No thanks. I want 3D Elite. Or Bubble Bobble. Or both.
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#5cleanchris(Topic Creator)Posted 8/21/2011 10:22:11 AM
man, I played the crap out of Paperboy on my NES & Gameboy.

I'd love to see the GBC version up for download.
I am one of five GFAQS members not butthurt by UMvC3.
#6Final Fantasy2389Posted 8/21/2011 10:37:10 AM
I've never really played the NES one too much, but I played the crap out of Paperboy 2 when I was younger (on SNES).
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#7SnoochNumber2Posted 8/21/2011 11:08:10 AM
If they made Paperboy a 3D Classic I'd be all over it.
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#8frdetngnPosted 8/21/2011 11:12:26 AM
Paperboy 64?
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#9cleanchris(Topic Creator)Posted 8/21/2011 6:14:15 PM
yeah, newspapers flying around in 3D would be pretty rad.
I am one of five GFAQS members not butthurt by UMvC3.
#10strongo9Posted 8/21/2011 6:20:41 PM
It's crazy how much nostalgia will sway somebody's opinion of something. Paperboy was a horrible game.
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