Should Capcom bring the GCN RE games to 3DS?

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And yet, there aren't many RE games you can play on the go (or in the can). Trust me, I've been a Capcom consumer for many years now, and I know all too well how they like to gouge their fans. Thing is, they make mostly stellar products, and handheld devices and home consoles serve different gaming needs. I've also becoming more and more into playing on handhelds, ever since getting my DS phat back in 2006.

Just because a product exists in one space doesn't mean it's a bad idea to make it available for another. Played through RE4 I don't know how many times already, but I'd still love a 3DS version to keep with me on the go.
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simondaking posted...
You are playing the emperor has no clothes trick, show me a game that looks better than twilight princess or mario galaxy 2.

Twilight Princess is a gamecube game. just saying.
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