So I beat Find Mii

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User Info: Mr_Golden_Sun

5 years ago#11
I had 2-3 heroes remaining. I wasn't upset about losing them because it was only a small amount, but I have no coins :(. It's going to take awhile for the second run through.

I streetpassed 38 Miis. I did streetpass one Mii two times, so I am not sure if this counts as one or two Miis. But this means that I hired roughly 181 Miis. That number seems high judging by the responses in this topic so far.
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User Info: Nyyark

5 years ago#12
Streetpassing the same one twice counts as two. I beat find mii a third time only using 2 mii's I street pass fairly often. I still used 28 or something like that.
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