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5 years ago#1
Any chance of a 3DS version?
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5 years ago#2
Not too fun without dual analog.
Hyped for red 3DS and many awesome 3DS games down the line, also the Vita and Japanese Vita releases.
5 years ago#3
That and Bizarre is kinda... not alive.
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5 years ago#4
Doubt it. The DS version was decent even without dual analog, but I just don't see this being remade for 3DS.
5 years ago#5
AnotherSomebody posted...
That and Bizarre is kinda... not alive.

Activision acquired the rights for Geometry Wars alongside Bizarre Creations. So they could get any of their internal studios to make a 3DS version if they really wanted to. They probablydon't want to, but the chances of another Geometry Wars game didn't die with Bizarre.
5 years ago#6
As much as I would love another Geometry Wars, Bizarre is closed:

Unless another company wants to pick up the series, but if no one has yet, it isn't looking too good.

The problem with the DS version was mostly the slowdown caused by too many enemies on-screen. Of course, the 3DS should be able to handle that just fine, but that's more or less irrelevant now, anyway. \m/ Sex for your ears. \m/
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