Thoughts on Ports?

#11DiscomasterPosted 8/23/2011 1:28:38 PM
Depends on the port and why it's being ported. If a game is ported from Xbox 360 to PS3, I'll buy the port if it's a game I want to play because I don't own an Xbox 360.

If a game from a previous generation gets ported to the current generation, it will depend on whether the game is already playable on current hardware, or if the port adds new content and updated gameplay that's good *glares at Okami for the Wii AND my PS3 not playing PS2 games*.

Virtual console ports are excellent for many reasons: Condensing all old hardware into new hardware, so to speak, does great things. The fact I can play 5 generations of Zelda and Mario games on my Wii is excellent, because not only can I have all of the games playable on a single piece of hardware, many of them are stored directly on the console itself. Costs of collectable games is a big factor in some ways as well. PSone titles on PSN are a great example of that. $20 or much more for a copy of Final Fantasy VII off ebay, that you may not fully know the condition of until arrival, and suffers from slow load times, or buy it off PSN for $10, then you just have to download it and enjoy it... And load times are quickened by loading from the HDD.

Same deal with portables, really. Tales of the Abyss is a good example (although I never beat it, so I should probably pick it up anyway since it seems to have a fair bit of acclaim), I could get a copy for PS2, but I have no current hardware to play it on. Resident Evil 4 on the other hand (we will, just for example sake, take it as if it were coming out for 3DS) is currently being ported to PS3 in HD. Which would I prefer... HD or portability? Knowing the game well enough, I'd go with HD since the realism greatly assists a game like this.