Wow, Nintendo has let the DS & the Wii's success get to their heads.

#11LordAndrewPosted 8/23/2011 12:12:25 PM
fire2box posted...
rumor's about a price drop which nintendo proved and SHATTERED.

People were whining about how there SHOULD be a price drop. I heard no actual rumours about it though; it just happened.
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Gencoil posted...
Garlandjr, would you prefer they DIDN'T drop the price? I'm glad they realized the price was a bit too high for some people.

Yes, but they shouldn't have priced the 3DS so high in the first place.
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I ended up buying a DS later in its life than the 3DS. I think I'm enjoying my 3DS now than I did after owning the system for the same amount of time. I spent most of my time playing GBA games, and rarely took it outside when I got the GB micro.
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