Even if the 3DS does recover from this, it'll still have the stigma of all of it

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i don't usually set things in stone only 6 months into their launch, but i also dont see drastic price drops, 'core fan alienation, backpedaling, and redesign considerations, or popular franchise cancelations like this either. even if the 3DS does recover from all of this, i don't think it's escapable..i think it's prettymuch a done deal to say this system will never be the success the original DS was. at best, i predict another "Wii" where everyone calls it the "worst" most successful console ever made. i don't think it's a virtualboy persay, but i don't think we'll ever look back and say this is the greatest console of all time...that hope is gone. they're more than likely going to backpedal out of 3D, and consider it a flop, as theyre trying to tone down the "3D" aspect of a console named after it's 3D.
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Troll topic. Nothing to see.
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stigma? ... I have a astigmatism.
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Does it really seem like there aren't already enough troll topics on this board? It doesn't need your help, thanks.
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I dont know how many people actually thought this would ever sell even close to what the DS did. It's just too similar to the DS for it to even have a chance of pulling that off.

They arent going to stop making these anytime soon, even after Nintendo comes out with something new, so it will stick around for a couple more years. We just have to see what they come out with first.
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Because the Wii was such a flop. Yes.
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im not trolling im just saying all hope for this thing to take over as the best selling console of all time is nonexistant now, and when you take that into consideration, yes, i am saying that it is a downgrade. the DS will continue to be nintendos best selling system of all time.
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Between you and Ixoria my Dagger of Troll Slaying shall get alot of use
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