You don't hold a press conference to announce a "Game"

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Lord_Vishana posted...
You sir do not deserve such a great user name

I never said it was a good thing, or that it was irreversible.

Nintendo is in damage control mode. The 3DS is in a death spiral: lack of sales means lack of support, and lack of support means lack of sales. The price cut is an obvious step in the right direction, but if there's any truth to these rumors, it speaks to something unsettling: Nintendo has no faith that the 3DS will be able to recover unless the hardware itself is drastically retooled.

Naturally, this being Nintendo, they won't address the real problems: Friend Codes, regional lockout, and the inability to tie one's eShop purchases to a user account. Which is really a shame, as all of these could be taken care of with a simple firmware upgrade instead of a full hardware revision.

The Nintendo 3DS could be awesome. My worry is that Nintendo is too myopic to recognize that its sorry condition is their fault and not the system's.
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