Gerl......If Nintendo announces a redesign w/ 2nd analog miss honey....

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DushkuLuva8790 posted...
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Hey dude, I even said "I know (hope) you're joking" which means I was having a joke too. It's a two way street! So you can joke, but I can't? That's really not fair. I understand this is a joke and as such, decided to have some fun with it too.
You know what, if you were joking my bad. Its all good.. I just have a low tolerance for anything homophobic, so my bad.. However if you weren't joking, and... my post still stays the same lol. Only you know what you really meant :) but its all good miss hunny! *snaps*

*snaps back*
(But in a friendly way!)
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10s across the board, this topic is fierce
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Is "Sweetie Pie Honey Bunches of Oats" a new cereal?

The new 3DS revision requires you to play it topless...
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Hey that's mean!