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5 years ago#1
I absolutely love playing the regular DS games on the 3DS. It just seems to be much much better. The biggest improvement comes in games where you can move in 8 directions, as you can use the analogue nub for way better control. A good example is the Pokemon Ranger series. I remember playing the first one on a regular DS and I had to use the touch screen to move well. Now I just bought the 2nd one and the analogue nub makes this game waaaaaay easier to control!
Does anybody else feel this way or do you guys like to use the regular DS?
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5 years ago#2
I agree 100%. The circle pad is infinitely more comfortable and makes hitting diagonals far easier. I don't regret selling my DS at all. My DS games received new life with the circle pad lol!
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5 years ago#3
Super Mario 64 plays like a dream on the 3DS. And when I get DQMJ:2, I'm sure that'll play better too.
Thanks to the always amazing Xcluded for this:
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