Rumored 4ds^2

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But the fourth dimension is hearing! We already had 4D movies and games sing the beginning!
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Will I be able to exchange Friend Codes with my past self?
I figure in fighting games, this would be a good feature, so you can see how far your skills have developed. Future self should be able to trounce past self. Although, past self will have access to glitches that may have been patched out of future self's game.
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legendarylemur posted...
If Ever 17 taught me anything, 4th dimension is time. Most people aren't gonna get that lol.

I dunno, seeing how popular 999 is, more people might get it than kidink.

Though there are many ways to define the fourth dimension depending on the context. Time is not a spacial dimension in the way the other 3 are (you can't send something 4 meters back in time, nor can it take you 3 kilometers to walk a distance of 5 miles). Smell is just something entirely ephemeral, ever changing. However, both can add an extra level of sensory perception, adding another layer or "dimension" to your experience.

Talking four spacial dimensions though (a hypothetical at this time, much like Flatland), it's not something we as humans could perceive, as we have no perspective on it, and light appears to travel in 3 dimensional space. Trying to comprehend 4D space would be like trying to take in 3D space using a series of 2D silhouette cross-sections.
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It's already 4D. You can play for a long time.
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What are the values of d and s and this puzzle has a simple solution.