So 3DS is full of port

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Yeah, I tipped port all over mine when I beat Ganon.
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This topic... just...
DLC nowaday = Disk Locked Content.
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It'd have a lot more ports if Nintendo at least added a 2nd Circle Pad like with the Wii U.

Why they choose not to add it I can only imagine that wanted to force game makers to be innovative, which backfired horribly, when instead game makers were lazy and just didn't port games at all, leaving the 3DS with very few games.

A 2nd analog would help the 3DS TREMENDOUSLY.

3D games with free camera control = good stuff.

Either that or Nintendo themselves demonstrate a fantastic way to substitute the touch screen for the 2nd Circle Pad.
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(Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion 2, Mario Kart 7, Pokemon Rumble Blast etc.)

Hey, Infamous 2 & Little Big Planet 2 are also ports!

Don't forget about Uncharted 3,
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Guess I will finish this battle by myself

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No. Only 3 or 4 games are actually ports.

NES, GBA virtual console = ports

metal Gear solid 3, zelda ocarina of time, star fox, shin megami tensei, bit trip saga, street fighter 4,

I'm not too sure about dead or alive, but it looks like its taken stuff from the xbox dead or alive games and added in the new characters.

Alot of the other new games are just rehashes: kingdom hearts is obviously going to have rehashed gameplay, mario kart, super smash brothers, etc.

People want to see some notable new IPS.

facepalm is all you can say. how about writing something intelligent to backup your facepalm.

Maybe this post will get modded, and I don't care, I just had to do it.
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