Question about a decent fighting game

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If no wifi during the storm, blazeblue.
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You just had to go there. Troll!
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Personally I'm a bigger fan of Dead or Alive. You get lots of characters, costumes to unlock (which is fun for completion-sake), a nice variety of gameplay modes to do single-player, as well as gameplay that is more dependant on your ability to read moves and react accordingly. Gameplay is based more on doing different sets of strikes/throws, and being able to guard and counter other attacks. Combos exist but are a lot more limited in damage and time than in SF, so you can't just get combo'd to death as easily.
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blade113355 posted...
Lord_Frood posted...
Most category 1 and 2 hurricanes are nothing really. Just really long heavy storms.

That being said, I haven't been keeping up on the news, is this supposed to be big?
On topic: go with SSFIV.

It turned Cat 3 and the eye of the storm has shifted to the west meaning it we will get some strong winds, and if it keeps shifting like it did earlier we will get hit with the eye. I love the eye it's so calming.

Lol, well you seem to be pretty cool with it then, so enjoy it! I just read up on how they're evacuating people from 4 states, sounds fun...
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