POLL: When will a revised 3DS be released?

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5 years ago#21
shoot the core.
5 years ago#22
E or F. with all the problems N was having with sales i cant really see an upgrade being a GOOD thing. this will probably be the first N handheld to not get a revision.
5 years ago#23
That honor would go to Game Boy Color.
shoot the core.
5 years ago#24
E. I think the Wii U is in place to be holiday 2012.

If Nintendo realizes that they won't be able to make it for a November Wii U release, I think they'll bump up the revision to replace the Wii U's place for the end of the year. I also see the revision filling their holiday for 2012 if Nintendo announces that the Wii U will launch earlier than November.

Those are big "if"s so I believe we'll see a Spring 2013 hardware revision. That said, the 3DS has proven that expectations and norms can be broken. I wouldn't be surprised if they surprise me again.
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5 years ago#25

Wii U is coming out 2012 holiday season. I don't think Nintendo want to release 2 machines in the same time. So I think they will release new 3DS during summer.
5 years ago#26
Poll result!

When do you think we will see a revised 3DS? Assume this means its first release, whether in Japan or North America.

A. Later this year
0 votes -- 0 percent

B. January - April 2012
0 votes -- 0 percent

C. May - August 2012
3 votes -- 16.7 percent

D. September - December 2012
4 votes -- 22.2 percent

E. 2013 or later
7.5 votes -- 41.7 percent

F. Never
3.5 votes -- 19.4 percent

The clear winner is E. 2013 or later with 41.7 percent. That seems a long way off!

If you'd still like to vote, feel free, if enough new votes are cast I'll re-tally the result.
shoot the core.
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