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User Info: vsman

5 years ago#11
Nin3DSFan posted...
vsman posted...
Mad Mage posted...
how do you know 20 more minutes? Did they post a time somewhere?

I'm leaving town for four days in two hours and I want to DL Gargoyles Quest first.


I converted it from gmt which is uk to est which makes 1:00 am 8 pm here.

You'll be able to download gargoyle's quest easily. Unless there's a rush of people.

Wrong. UK is GMT+1 -- don't forget, it's daylight savings. It ends in about 1 hour from
now, or 9 pm EDT.

Well I didn't know that. Sorry guys.
Goldeneye Fc: 2105-0897-4102 username: vsman

User Info: Mad Mage

Mad Mage
5 years ago#12
cutting it close. I should be good as long as it really does go back up in an hour
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