people are buying more than zelda links awakening dx on e shop?

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Lord_Frood posted...
Oh, look! It's an xCha0s thread.

Here, while we're at it, I'll gripe about something trivial too! The grass is too green outside! I don't like the way the sun shines!

I like your attitude. The grass should be colored to make it look like it is always on fire.
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Tennis is all you need on the 3DS. Worth the 250 just by itself.
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Here's the thing, chaos complains about high prices of the system and e-shop and turns around and complains about the game drought.

Now think about it, if he didn't have money to spare then the drought shouldn't matter as he shouldn't be able to spare much cash for a game either way. Lets say the game industry pulled 10 must have games at the same time, think he's going to shell out 400 bucks? hell no. Chaos complains constantly about the price drop and such, I'd figure that 80 bucks meant so much to him. Maybe two quality games would be his limit?
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Yeah, it's crazy, people are buying other good games, too. What a world.
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i guess i just have a higher threshhold for quality. some people will easily plop down 12 dollars for a game that is about rental quality like shantae.
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Or just a fondness for trashing on games you've never played, whose quality you can't judge.
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Apparently, Nintendo agrees with you that Donkey Kong isn't worth $6. That's why it only costs $4. Link's Awakening is the only VC game that costs $6.
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