Free 3DS game with 3DS purchase at Fry's Electronics

#11pikachupwnagePosted 8/26/2011 5:22:35 AM
DahlVaughnni posted...
Lame, it's not in canada. Was about to buy a 3ds too.

buy one with Zelda ghost recon shadow wars and pac man and galaga dimesions. you won't regret it.
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Does Farnsworth work there?
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Lord_Frood posted...
Nice! Bump for the people of GameFAQs. Even if I never have heard of a "Fry's Electronics." made me think of Futurama though.

I've never been to one, but it always makes me think of Futurama. I think it's a Canadian store.
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badgraphix1 posted...

Except the only notable game he listed was Nintendogs and that's technically an old game as well.

Yeah, Ocarina of Time isn't bad either. Besides, it's free.
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I love Fry's, I can spend a whole lot of time in there
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Fry's is fun