Rumor: In 2048, Nintendo will tell us how real L is.

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deathnote? or something else?
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in 2048 im coming back to this board just to say that L is real and ive been waiting 48 years to say that.
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L signifies Luigi's Mansion 3.
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lambchips posted...
deathnote? or something else?

Get out.
Just messing. Although thanks for the laughs.
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On the 3ds's first anniversary I am going to be make a topic on this board asking when the Eshop update will come out, and complain that I have been waiting 2 months because the 3ds has no games!

You can hold me to that. Actually you can hold me anyway you want.
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Wait, TC. Wasn't it 2401?
Or was it the bagel?
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Petitions annoy me.
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Lord_Frood posted...
Wasn't it 2401?

Get smashed, gate crash!
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L, like L Block?
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In the original version of Super Mario 64 there's a stone plaque in the little courtyard area with the boos that contains the haunted house stage.
It has some random gibberish scribbled on it, and it vaguely looks like it says something along the lines of "L is real 2401".
It was the basis of countless rumors surrounding the presumed ability to unlock a playable Luigi in SM64.
Strangely enough; this same exact plaque was used once again in the N64 version of "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" in the second dungeon, Dodongo's Cavern.