Which sold less units?

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User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
5 years ago#21
The micro was awesome, the reason why it didn't sell so much is because the DS was already out at that point, also it was just a revision, and they usually don't sell a ton very quickly. Of course, all the "hardcore" gamers complained because:

- No backwards compatibility
- No standard link cables
- Smaller Screen
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User Info: robm1052

5 years ago#22

I'm playing those exact same games right now, crazy coincidence! Loving DQ6, surprised how much the graphics have changed since 5 on DS. Deus Ex is pretty amazing too, but I'm not too far in that yet.

On topic, while the micro may have been pretty cool, it should have been released at a different time - the DS could do everything it could, in addition to playing DS games, and IIRC wasn't that much more expensive. Considering the GBA SP was the exact same thing in a differently shaped package I don't really understand why they released it after launching the DS.
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User Info: plagamesforeva

5 years ago#23
The Game Boy Micro is a cool thing to own, especially if you do not purchase it for the fuill retail price. I purchased the Game Boy Micro for $49.99 brand new at Mega Virgin Records years ago (No Regrets).
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