Anyone else feel that the NES Zelda combat is better than OOT's combat?

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I actually do. OOT has better controls, making the fight more smoother. But, you didn't fight enemies that were all in a group, that much. I'm currently playing Legend of Zelda, the NES version. Later, I'll play Zelda 2. I like how you just can't go in and start going Rambo in it. You have to take the right time to attack, and use bombs at smart times.

I tried rushing in, on my first battle. I died, quickly. Then, I went back and decided to use strategy. I took atleast a hit, but I killed them all. I didn't think of much strategy when fighting skeletons in Hyrule field, in OOT. The bosses took some time. But on the old school Zelda, it seems as if they have better combat strategies. Even LoZ: Link's Awakening had a nice battle difficulty. I once had a epic battle while I had the pet (whatever it's name is.) and, I was wondering around. We stumbled upon a graveyard, and we both fought against zombies and ghosts! It was fun!

Hopefully Skyward Sword has that kind of combat system. Becuase, honestly, in OOT, I did Rambo on most of my enemies. OOT, has better graphics, story, and controls. But it's just missing that combat system!
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Na I love OoTs combat. I cant stand that first Zelda game. I just run around aimlessly. Ive never beaten that game and never will. I dont have the time or the patience for primitive games like that.

It was just running around pressing a button. I never found that game fun, but I really love the 3D Zelda's. Dont like any of the 2D ones, although I can tolerate the ones that at least have a map in them.
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Don't walk into enemies and slash then to death? That's not really strategy.
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Yeah, old Zelda games were what really qualified as "Nintendo Hard". There was crap flying at you from everywhere. Those annoying mother****ing Zoras. They're hard to kill, even with the lasers.
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Yeah, old Zelda games were what really qualified as "Nintendo Hard"

Only Zelda 2 really is. All of the overhead Zelda games are fairly easy.

In any case, I've always found that the pacing in the 3D Zelda games is WAY too slow. The 2D games are comparatively far faster, dungeons and battles don't take nearly as long, Link moves much faster, and so on. Okami is what 3D Zelda ought to be like, is it so much to ask for him to be able to run and jump of his own accord?
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bellzemo posted...
Don't walk into enemies and slash then to death? That's not really strategy.

Well, they have trees where the enemies are at. There is atleast SOME strategy in combat. Take cover when they shoot lasers, come out and slash. Not dead? Cover again. See them bunched up? Quickly run past them and drop a bomb. Boom! Enemies killed.

OOT is just, attack when their guard is down. It seems repetitive, no? Oh well, I like this combat. It can end in many ways. You can just use a bomb when they're bunched up. Or, just slash and take cover. You can survive while going Rambo, but you'll have only less than a heart.