Sign here If you got ur ambassador games played for like 20 minutes and moved on

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SupaT posted...
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and then complain that they are not high definition graphics, with orchestrated music, and stuff*
You fail to comprehend what is going on in this topic.

No I don't. TC is complaining because he was too lazy (as pretty much everyone on this board is) to research or at least check what the games were like.

If you don't like the games, why would you download them in the FIRST place?
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Yeah, I'll sign.

Though that's mostly (read: entirely) because of the fact that the battery was dying.
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still can play these games on an emulator with better controls, or hell even on my old downgraded psp. still havent found a reason to play anything on my 3ds the last few months tbh.
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Dudes, as we speak, electrodes are bombing terrorists (genesect). Pawniards are also knifing President Nixon!
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*Sign* planning on playing some more today.
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Mostly because I'm too busy with Xenoblade to play anything else. At any rate, it's a nice selection. There's quite a lot of variety in there.
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I'll sign. SMB is still good, Yoshi is fun, I have nothing against these games.

But they have certainly...weathered.
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But I will play later. I also have a trip to NY in October. MARIO 1 baby!
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I won't be coming back to them until Nintendo adds multiplayer and when I can actually find someone to play the games with.
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